10 Things I Never Said … Until Motherhood

Out of my 2011 posts, this was rated as the most viewed! Thanks for reading, I had fun creating this list 🙂

10.       “It is not okay to pull down your pants and pee, when waiting in line at Six Flags.”

9.         “I love my minivan.”

8.         “You did go swimming this afternoon, so you don’t have to take a bath.”

7.         “We can maybe go to a Justin Beiber concert.”

6.         “Oops, I only had time to shave one leg in the shower.”

5.         “You are not really the blue Power Ranger. Please stop drop-kicking everything, including your sister.”

4.         “I’m glad the puke is on me, instead of the couch.”

3.         “Do not pee on the floor, the wall or in your room. The only place we pee is in the toilet, and please aim for the water.”

2.         “You cannot eat dinner naked, with only your Batman cape. At least, put on some underwear.”

1.         “I love you bigger than the world.” {literally}

Motherhood is a gift to enjoy, but it is definitely not for the weak!

{Yes, an entire bag of potato chips scattered in our living room as he yelled, "Surprise!"}

What would you add to this list?

New Season of Mothering

Last week, I met my {baby} boy’s Pre-K teacher. As we were talking about the things he needed for school … she said, “And no napmat is required, this is the big kid room.” Fighting back tears.

She went on to say, “Homework will go home on Tuesday and will be due on Thursday.” Tears.

From that day until now, I’ve been praying for God to give me strength. As my children grow, I think the most difficult thing as a mom is letting go. It happens slowly, but you see this little independent person developing over time. It’s beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. So bittersweet. 

This morning, I dropped him off for his first day. He was excited for a new classroom, more friends and he said, “I’m big like Ella now.”

With my {baby} boy in Pre-K two days a week and speech preschool on different days, my life will change this year. I’ve graduated from the land of spit-up, diaper changes and temper tantrums and have walked through a new door. For the first time in seven years, I’m not in a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. It’s a really weird place.

I’m making adjustments in my own life to help with this new season — Bible Study with wonderful friends, training for my first 5k and continuing to work on my freelance work. It’s a good step, that I must be willing to make.

One thing I will not miss is the isolation that I sometimes felt as a stay-at-home mom of young children. It is more work (mentally) than I ever thought possible. So, if you are in this season (where the nights are long and the days are chaotic), I want to encourage you. It does end. And, when you feel like all your work goes unnoticed, it doesn’t. You are shaping a little soul! All of your loving efforts will show in their personality.

Today, I’m focusing on the positive. I’m remembering the special moments and looking forward to all those we have yet to experience … those memories belong to us. They are uniquely special for our family and no age or independence will ever diminish our bond. Motherhood is such a gift to be cherished! 

Now, it’s your turn — What season of mothering are you in? If your children are out of the baby/toddler stage, what changes have you made to your own schedule?

Importance of a Mom

On this chaotic summer morning, I am busy making my to-do lists. I need to get laundry started, then run to the grocery store. In between, pick-up the medicine at the pharmacy and feed the kids a healthy lunch. Oh, and I need to order those Twinkle Toes for Ella because they didn’t have her size at the mall. My freelance project requires at least two hours of my time. And, I can’t forget school supplies. In the middle of that eventful schedule, break-up a few fights and try to avoid my little “Superman” breaking any bones as he is jumping from the couch to the table, from his dresser to the floor. Calgon, take me away!

Being a mom is busy and chaotic. Sometimes, you feel like no one notices all you do. It’s draining. Everything is about everyone else.

Then, in the middle of my to-do lists and all the activity … I find her journal entry for today. And, my perspective changed drastically.

Mothering does contain some busy and unrewarding work (laundry, changing diapers (so glad I’m out of that stage), carpooling, etc.), but there’s more to it.

We shape a little soul, a character, a personality.

This is my prayer today — I hope God always reminds me of my importance as a mom, no matter what kind of crazy chaos is going on around me.

{On a side note: Today was so hectic, I wasn’t planning a blog post. The journal entry changed my whole outlook, it was the attitude adjustment I needed.}

Let’s discuss and encourage one another! When you get overwhelmed, how do you get back on track? What reminds you about the real importance of being a mom? Please share your stories, it may help another stressed-out and overworked mom 🙂