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Previous Events:
Aug 25, 2019: Cross Mountain Church (Boerne, TX)

Aug 23, 2019: First Baptist Church (San Antonio, TX)

May 17, 2019: Purcellville Baptist Church (Purcellville, VA)

April 25-27, 2019: Great Homeschool Convention (Cinn, OH)

April 12, 2019: Grace Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

April 9, 2019: Smithson Valley High School (San Antonio, TX)

April 6, 2019: Crossbridge Community Church (San Antonio, TX)

Mar 27, 2019: Community Bible Church – Gold Canyon (San Antonio, TX)

Mar 26, 2019: Johnson Ranch Elementary School (Bulverde, TX)

Mar 21, 2019: McAndrew Elementary School (Boerne, TX)

Mar 20, 2019: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Mar 7-8, 2019: Great Homeschool Convention (Ft. Worth, TX)

Feb 26, 2019: Bracken Christian School (Bulverde, TX)

Feb 26, 2019: YMCA (San Antonio, TX)

Feb 23, 2019: Oak Hills Church (San Antonio, TX)

Jan 19, 2019: First United Methodist Church (Boerne, TX)

Jan 13, 2019: Rockpoint Church (Schertz, TX)

Nov 6, 2018: YMCA (San Antonio, TX)

Nov 1, 2018: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Oct 20, 2018: Surviving Life Event (New Braunfels, TX)

Oct 3, 2018: Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church (Helotes, TX)

Sept 24, 2018: Shearer Hills Baptist Church (San Antonio, TX)

Aug 18, 2018: Bulverde Baptist Church (Bulverde, TX)

May 10, 2018: McAndrews Elementary School (Boerne, TX)

Apr 6, 2018: Purcellville Baptist Church (Purcellville, VA)

Mar 21, 2018: Smithson Valley High School (Spring Branch, TX)

Feb 24, 2018: Oak Hills Church (San Antonio, TX)

Feb 16, 2018: ACTABS Conference (San Antonio, TX)

Dec 6, 2017: Community Bible Church Bulverde (Spring Branch, TX)

Nov 13, 2017: Hector Garcia Middle School (Helotes, TX)

Nov 4, 2017: River City Community Church (Selma, TX)

Oct 17, 2017: Indian Springs Elementary (San Antonio, TX)

Oct 7, 2017:  Young Presidents Organization (San Antonio, TX)

Sept 27, 2017: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Sept 21, 2017: San Antonio Christian School (San Antonio, TX)

Aug 30, 2017: Crossroads Church (Belton, TX)

August 17, 2017: Resurrection Baptist Church (San Antonio, TX)

May 11, 2017: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Apr 19, 2017: Freedom Fellowship Church (New Braunfels, TX)

Apr 04, 2017: Cibolo Green PTA (San Antonio, TX)

Mar 27, 2017: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Jan 27-28, 2017: Generation Love Tour (Grapevine, TX)

Oct 14, 2016: Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX)

Sept 24-25, 2016: Generation Love Tour (Dallas, TX)




Recent Posts

Talking to Kids about Suicide

Can we talk for a moment about teen suicide? It’s the 2nd leading cause of death in kids ages 10-24 (Source: National Vital Statistics Report, 2014).

Disclaimer: If your child is suicidal, seek medical attention. Call your family doctor. Find a counselor. The below discussion is about seeds to plant when they are young.

You can have PREVENTIVE conversations with your kids about suicide without ever using the word “suicide” or describing it in detail. Even in elementary school. The goal is to prevent the thought of suicide from ever becoming an option your child considers.


Here are some key points I speak into my kids on a regular basis:

1. You’re not trapped at your school. If you’re being made fun of, bullied, etc., it’s important for you to tell me. We can try to resolve the issue together. If we can’t get it resolved, we can look at other school options — private, public, homeschool, magnet, charter school, etc. You’re not stuck there.

2. God has a specific plan for YOUR life. If you are breathing, God has a plan. See Jeremiah 29:11-13.

3. I love you, no matter what. Even if you make a bad choice or choose something I totally disagree with. In fact, you will make mistakes. Life is about learning and growing from those bad choices. I love you regardless. Talk to me when you make mistakes, and we’ll work through it together.

4. The things you struggle with — Satan wants you to keep those hidden. That’s where he can manipulate you. Do not ever suffer in silence. When you are struggling, hurting, doubting, questioning, that is the time to talk with me. Then we can go to the Bible together and find answers, hope and peace. God can change any situation. He can heal, forgive, make new, change hearts — there is always hope. God is so powerful, He can actually even take your mistakes and use them for good!! To help others who are making those same bad choices. See Deuteronomy 23:5 (Curse into Blessing).

5. God created you. You are a masterpiece. He knit you together in the womb. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you don’t have value. God gives you value, not people. You do not find your worth in likes, followers or anything else. See Psalm 139:13.

What would you add to this list?

If you need more resources: Check out our free podcast. Go to iTunes or Soundcloud and search “nextTalk.” I also have a whole chapter on suicide in my book. You can read the intro for free here.

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