10 Things I Never Said … Until Motherhood

Out of my 2011 posts, this was rated as the most viewed! Thanks for reading, I had fun creating this list 🙂

10.       “It is not okay to pull down your pants and pee, when waiting in line at Six Flags.”

9.         “I love my minivan.”

8.         “You did go swimming this afternoon, so you don’t have to take a bath.”

7.         “We can maybe go to a Justin Beiber concert.”

6.         “Oops, I only had time to shave one leg in the shower.”

5.         “You are not really the blue Power Ranger. Please stop drop-kicking everything, including your sister.”

4.         “I’m glad the puke is on me, instead of the couch.”

3.         “Do not pee on the floor, the wall or in your room. The only place we pee is in the toilet, and please aim for the water.”

2.         “You cannot eat dinner naked, with only your Batman cape. At least, put on some underwear.”

1.         “I love you bigger than the world.” {literally}

Motherhood is a gift to enjoy, but it is definitely not for the weak!

{Yes, an entire bag of potato chips scattered in our living room as he yelled, "Surprise!"}

What would you add to this list?

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