Importance of a Mom

On this chaotic summer morning, I am busy making my to-do lists. I need to get laundry started, then run to the grocery store. In between, pick-up the medicine at the pharmacy and feed the kids a healthy lunch. Oh, and I need to order those Twinkle Toes for Ella because they didn’t have her size at the mall. My freelance project requires at least two hours of my time. And, I can’t forget school supplies. In the middle of that eventful schedule, break-up a few fights and try to avoid my little “Superman” breaking any bones as he is jumping from the couch to the table, from his dresser to the floor. Calgon, take me away!

Being a mom is busy and chaotic. Sometimes, you feel like no one notices all you do. It’s draining. Everything is about everyone else.

Then, in the middle of my to-do lists and all the activity … I find her journal entry for today. And, my perspective changed drastically.

Mothering does contain some busy and unrewarding work (laundry, changing diapers (so glad I’m out of that stage), carpooling, etc.), but there’s more to it.

We shape a little soul, a character, a personality.

This is my prayer today — I hope God always reminds me of my importance as a mom, no matter what kind of crazy chaos is going on around me.

{On a side note: Today was so hectic, I wasn’t planning a blog post. The journal entry changed my whole outlook, it was the attitude adjustment I needed.}

Let’s discuss and encourage one another! When you get overwhelmed, how do you get back on track? What reminds you about the real importance of being a mom? Please share your stories, it may help another stressed-out and overworked mom 🙂

Help, I need a new attitude!

Several years ago, I sat in a Mothers of Preschoolers[1] meeting and the guest speaker asked us to write down our favorite childhood memory. My mind flooded with silent giggles as I recalled mixing water and dirt, then filling the aluminum pans. I would create a make-believe oven from bricks and bake the brown, gooey pie. Finally, the most exciting part of all … when the mud-pies were finished “baking”, I would throw them at the largest oak tree in my grandma’s backyard. This simple activity has become etched in my mind as my all-time favorite childhood memory.

The speaker challenged us to put that piece of paper in a visible location as a reminder each day about taking time to enjoy those small precious moments with our children. So, I put the small leaf-sized paper on my fridge and saw it every day. It helped and I remembered the lesson. 

Years after hearing that speaker, I was having one of those extra-chaotic days. The to-do list was overwhelming – there wasn’t a clean towel in the house, lots of unanswered emails in my in-box, bills to pay, preschool class party to plan – my plate was full. I was overwhelmed, grouchy and found myself lacking patience. That was it, I give up! I slammed the fridge shut and then I saw the leaf with the life lesson.

My children and I went to our backyard, and we all laughed as we made mud-pies. We used the back of my son’s monster truck as our oven and then we threw our messy creations at the fence! We giggled … we had fun … we made memories! Their enthusiasm and energy were contagious, and I gladly soaked up every ounce. I relished in their smiles and the muddy handprints on my clothes. I became appreciative again. 

After our adventure, I had a whole new perspective and was blessed with the attitude adjustment I needed. After that boost, I knocked out the to-do list and finished the laundry – I was on a roll. Then, I sat down with my daughter to help her write in her take-home journal about her favorite weekend activity. It had been very busy – a few hours at Six Flags, seeing friends at church, a good friend’s birthday party, those were my suggestions. She sweetly said, “Mom, the most fun I had this weekend was making mud-pies with you.” 

Life is busy. Motherhood is crazy and unscripted. No matter what is going on, take a moment and simply enjoy your children. Laugh and have fun. Record the memories on your heart. Your children will treasure it, and you will gain a fresh, new perspective.

{Leaf with the Life Lesson}

{Daughter's Journal Entry}


The Conversation Question:

When you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, what helps give you a fresh new perspective?  Please share your story and ideas!

[1] MOPS is an international organization for mothers who have children ranging in ages from birth – kindergarten.  If you are interested in finding a MOPS group in your area, please go to