Chore Chart Reward – He earned it!

Summer is in full-swing around here. We are enjoying the quiet mornings, the pool, library, picnic lunches on the deck, visiting with friends and watching lots of movies. I love just being able to enjoy my kiddos and spend quality time with them … what a blessing!! I’m soaking in every minute of it.

Last month, I posted an article about Chore Charts & $$ for Kids ( We were trying out a new system for our 3-yr-old. Well, he did it! He collected all the rocks in his dump truck so he got Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a blast, he was beaming with pride! During lunch, we talked about how hard he worked for this reward.

One funny thing happened while there, I found my 7-yr-old under the booth shaking because the “real” Chuck-E came out to visit! Ha! She has been scared of that character ever since she was a little girl. Can anyone relate?

When we got home, he emptied the dump truck & started over. Now, he’s working for a toy at “Ta-To” … that means “Costco”!

I hope you are having an awesome summer!!

{I did it!}

{Serious fun at Chuck-E-Cheese}