Moms, You Need a Mom Squad!

Here’s your PSA for the day: Parenting is tough. Really tough. Don’t go it alone.

When my children were little, I didn’t make a lot of time for friends. With the lack of sleep and chasing toddlers all day, it was an exhaustive time. As they’ve grown and become more independent, I’ve had time to invest in sweet friendships.

This wasn’t an overnight process. Don’t expect best friendships and trust to be built instantaneously. It’s been years of meeting other moms and investing time into others. God eventually knit together a group of moms who truly help and inspire me.

I used to call them “my peeps.” But, my tween recently told me that wasn’t cool anymore. They call it a “squad” now. Whatever you want to call it, it’s your village. Your tribe. Your inner circle.

You need one of those.

Friends you can call at 2am when your world falls apart. Friends who can finish your sentence and know your thoughts. Friends who keep everything confidential. Friends who encourage and support you, even when you make mistakes. Friends who give you constructive criticism, but it’s wrapped in love and grace. Friends who have your back. ALWAYS.

Here’s what my inner circle looks like:

*I have two friends who have slightly older children than me. HUGE BLESSING. I call these my “heads-up mamas.” They tell me what’s getting ready to happen. They guide me much more on the technology side because they’re just a year or two ahead of where I am (and parenting technology changes quickly). Before my daughter started middle school, both of my heads-up mamas said, “Get ready, Instagram is popular!” So, they taught me how to use Instagram. I wanted to know it thoroughly before I even thought about my daughter joining that social platform. Here’s a post I previously wrote on keeping your kids safe on Instagram: Click here for Instagram Safety Tips

*I also have two mentors for this parenting journey. For me, it’s important that my mentors have a solid Biblical understanding. These are people I go to when I need to know, “Why do we believe this?” or “What does the Bible say about this?” They are wise, seasoned women. They’ve raised great kids who are now amazing adults.

*The remainder of my inner circle are moms, just like me, in the daily trenches trying to figure it all out. Have several moms you trust. Because we’re all busy, and it takes a village. We continuously learn together, encourage and support each other.

For me, my squad shares a deep love for Jesus, and we believe the Bible is our moral compass. In fact, the Bible directs us to choose our inner circle carefully.

“Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.” Proverbs 13:20mom-squad

Do you have a mom squad? What are characteristics you look for in developing your inner circle?

If you don’t have a mom squad yet, can I encourage you? I often felt lonely as a mom before I found my village. I prayed about it and sought out ways to meet other moms. Keep trying! When I moved to San Antonio 11 years ago, I felt like I had to start over with friendships. It took me years to find my people here. I promise, there are moms who need you in their inner circle! You have specific gifts, life experiences and stories that God is going to use in your own squad.