Cool Quotes from VBS

We just finished our third day of Vacation Bible School. This is my first year volunteering, and originally, I thought it would a good way to spend time with my daughter. I didn’t really anticipate how much fun, exciting and adventurous it would be!

Every morning feels like a rock concert. High energy, enthusiasm, singing, dancing, ears-ringing, I feel like a kid again. It is awesome. I expected to teach the kids, but God has changed me.

Sometimes I get so caught up in being scheduled and organized, I actually forget to have fun. This week at VBS, though, has really taught me the importance of spending fun, silly time with my kids. They love it, and I do too ūüôā

Here are some of the coolest things I’ve heard this week:

5.¬† “I have a sister and a brother. My sister is human, my brother is a dog.”

4.¬† A girl said, “Heaven is awesome because you wear¬†cool clothes and you get to eat candy all day long without getting a tummy ache.”¬†A little boy replied, “I want to go there.”

3.¬† I asked, “What is your favorite thing about VBS?”¬† A young girl answered, “Worship.”

2.¬† “No one else can bring my praise but me.” {Lyrics to a song we sang today}¬†I love this and have never really thought about it this way. My praise is unique and special to God, only I can give Him my praise.

1.¬† “I accepted Jesus today.” {When I told his mom, her eyes¬†lit up¬†with excitement and she gave him a big kiss … very sweet moment.}

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  1. It is so awesome to see all the kids in worship, lots of them really get it. I mean, they close their eyes and are singing with all their heart to Jesus. It’s amazing!

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